Seatbelt Nato Straps

We have the widest range of NATO straps in Australia.

You only have to check our #watchstrapsau tag on Instagram to see that we are the trusted name in NATO watch straps in Australia.

Our straps are perfect for all Seiko Diving Watches including Seiko SKX007, Seiko SKX009 and Seiko SNDA57.

Features include
- Waterproof and washable
- Ballistic weave nylon
- Easy slip-through installation
- Interchangable
- Ample length to suit all wrist sizes

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Photo courtesy of @mracekproductions

3 Pack of Seatbelt NATO straps for $70

3 Pack - $70*

Get 3 of our 22mm seatbeltstraps for $70*. Perfect for your Seiko dive watch.

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* offer for a limited time only

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