Seatbelt Nato Straps

We have the widest range of NATO straps in Australia.

You only have to check our #watchstrapsau tag on Instagram to see that we are the trusted name in NATO watch straps in Australia.

Our straps are perfect for all Seiko Diving Watches including Seiko SKX007, Seiko SKX009 and Seiko SNDA57.

Features include
- Waterproof and washable
- Ballistic weave nylon
- Easy slip-through installation
- Interchangable
- Ample length to suit all wrist sizes

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Photo courtesy of @mracekproductions

Elegance in simplicity

The perfect enhancement to any watch

NATO strap on Seiko dive watch
3 Pack of Seatbelt NATO straps for $70

3 Pack - $70*

Get 3 of our 22mm seatbeltstraps for $70*. Perfect for your Seiko dive watch.

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Comments (10)

Leather and other NATO straps for Seiko SNZG09K1

Hi, I've recently got the Seiko 5 SNZG09K1, it appears to have the 19mm diameter strap. Do you have any option for the leather NATO (and the other NATO I guess). I haven't had an extensive look but the ones I've liked so far don't come in 19mm.


Watch Straps Australia Response

Hi Hemi,
We don't stock "odd" sized straps, however you wil be fine rounding up to the next even number (i.e. if your watch is 19mm, use a 20mm strap), as the straps will flex to fill the 0.5mm difference on each side.

seiko watch band

hi ,,, Im looking for a new watch band for a seiko watch model 7T62-OEDO, can you please send me the different types you have for this model watch.. I would like a rubber/silicone band preferably.


Watch Straps Australia Response

Hi Matthew,
Unfortunatey we specialise in nylon NATO straps, and also have leather NATO's so I can't help you out with a rubber/silicone strap, sorry.

Strap option for Seiko Snk601k

Hi, I have been looking for nato or rubber strap as replacement of steel strap coming with Seiko SNK601K. Do you have any strap available for this watch? Thanks, Muhammad


Watch Straps Australia Response

Hi Muhammad,
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. This model of Seiko 5 has a strap which has the inset part where it meets the case (rather than being a straight line).

Unfortunately this means that you will need to use replacement straps made specifically for this watch model, and you won't be able to use a "NATO" or other standard watch straps.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask :)

- Brad

Leather Nato for Seiko

Thanks Brad for your reply. I have ordered a couple of other straps until the Matte Brown is back in stock. Love the corporate look of the combo on the photo. Regards Shaun


Leather Nato of Seiko

I love the strap on the watch above, can you advise what colour this is so I can order it. Regards Shaun Williams


Watch Straps Australia Response

Hi Shaun,
The strap in the photo above is our "Matte brown" leather strap.

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