Seatbelt Nato Straps

We have the widest range of NATO straps in Australia.

You only have to check our #watchstrapsau tag on Instagram to see that we are the trusted name in NATO watch straps in Australia.

Our straps are perfect for all Seiko Diving Watches including Seiko SKX007, Seiko SKX009 and Seiko SNDA57.

Features include
- Waterproof and washable
- Ballistic weave nylon
- Easy slip-through installation
- Interchangable
- Ample length to suit all wrist sizes

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3 Pack of Seatbelt NATO straps for $70

3 Pack - $70*

Get 3 of our 22mm seatbeltstraps for $70*. Perfect for your Seiko dive watch.

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* offer for a limited time only

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Comments (15)

nato strap for Seiko Prospex SSC603P

Hi there, Which straps would you recommend for my Seiko Prospex SSC603P?


Watch Straps Australia Response

I think our black and silver seatbelt NATO would look great on this watch.

7s26 Seiko dive watch replacement strap

After a wrist strap to replace the crinkled plastic original band. I think the lugg width is 22 mm. Would the seatbelt material straps do the trick?


Watch Straps Australia Response

Sorry mate - I didn't see this comment until now. As per our email chat - anything from our 22mm range will be a perfect match for your Seiko 7s26.

Seiko 5 SNZG13K1

Hello there, I own a Seiko 5 SNZG13K1. What style and size of your straps best suits my watch? Thanks, Ian


Watch Straps Australia Response

Hi Ian,
All of our straps would look great on that watch - but personally I think our black/silver strap would look great -

Seiko 7S26 Dive watch straps. Nato?

Am I after 20mm strap with at lugs here. What would suit. Want to get rid of the thicj wavy plastic strap ta Syd


Watch Straps Australia Response

Hi Syd, All of our straps will look great on that watch - but you can't go wrong with our black and silver NATO Cheers, Brad

Size of strap for my Panerai

Hi i have a panerai 44 what size strap do I need.


Watch Straps Australia Response

Hi Michael,
Google tells me that it takes a 24mm strap, but you're best to measure (or check on the official Panerai site) just to be sure.

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