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For Seiko Diving Watches, Seiko SKX007, Seiko SKX009, Seiko 5, Seiko SNDA57

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Posted on 22 January 2018 by Brad

Questions & Comments (4)


Hi, do you know what strap width/length this watch takes? do you stock anything to fit this?

Hi Ash,

From what I can see online the Seiko SSC295P strap width seems to be 20mm.

Can you please measure your current strap (see instructions here) and confirm?

If that's the case, you can find our full range of 20mm straps here.

Seiko SKX007

What size band do you recommend for the above mentioned Seiko Divers 200 SKX007? 22mm???

Hi Josh,
You are correct - the SKX007 takes a 22mm width strap.

Seiko SARB017 Alpinist

Hey guys, will the premium spring bar set (20mm) be suitable for use on a SARB017 (Alpinist). My understanding is that stock they are 0.75/1.78 (and 20mm) in terms of size of the bar (https://strapcode.files.wordpress.com/2017/09/seiko-alpinist-sarb017-spring-bars-info-013.jpg?w=1024) Cheers!

Thanks for contacting us. I can confirm that the SARB017 (Alpinist) takes a 20mm spring bar and our premium spring bar set (20mm) will certainly be compatible.

Seiko SNA411

Hey guys, do your NATO straps fit SNA411’s? Which one should I buy 20mm or 22mm? Because I heard to fit perfectly they require 21mm bands.

Hi Tom, Unfortunately we don't stock any 21mm straps, but with a 22mm strap you will only get 0.5mm overlap on each side so it will be barely noticeable.

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