What are "NATO" straps?

"NATO" watch straps are made from durable nylon and are based on the standard watch strap issued by the British Ministry of Defence.

The are called “NATO” straps because they have an official “NSN” (Nato Stock Number) which is used to identify standard material items of supply for all NATO countries.

NATO staps are similar to “Zulu” straps which have rounded (rather than flat) buckles.

How are NATO straps different than 'normal' straps?

Most "normal" straps come in two parts, and are affixed to the watch face with two small pins (spring bars).

On the other hand - "NATO" slip-through straps are a single peice of fabric which threads through the watch face and between the spring bars and then around your wrist (like a belt).

Do NATO straps require tools?

Interchanging between different NATO straps will require no special tools.

You may need a tool when removing the original strap from your watch, but the process is very simple.

Once you have removed the original strap, interchanging between NATO 'slip-though' straps only takes seconds.