NATO strap compatibility guide

What are NATO straps?

NATO straps are single-pieces of leather or nylon which thread through your watch like a belt.

NATO straps were originally created for the military, but good news is that they work with all types of watches.

First thing to check - spring bars

"Spring bars" are small metal pins which are the standard connector for watch straps.

If you can remove the current strap and re-insert the ‘bare’ spring bars - your watch can use our NATO straps.

Daniel wellington watch replacement
Daniel wellington replacement strap

Second thing to check - strap connection

If your strap finishes in a straight line it is a good indicator that your watch uses 'spring bars' and can use after-market straps.

This includes watches such as the Tomas Sabo "Glam Spirit" and "Divine" and "Code TS", the Marc Jaobs "classic" range, Rotary "Buckingham" range, and watches from MVMT, The Horse and Daniel Wellington.

Metal Watch Strap Replacement

Quick Release spring bars

Do you have "Quick Release" spring bars?

Some watches (such as MVMT and Garmin) have "quick release" spring bars embedded with in the strap.

Quick-release spring bars allow for the quick removal of the strap - but the downside is that they can't be re-used on other straps.

You can tell if you have 'quick release' spring bars by looking for a small toggle at the connection point of your strap and watch face.

If you have "quick release" spring bars

If your watch has 'embedded' quick-release spring bars, you need to purchase an additional set of spring bars before you can use any after-market straps.

Click here to view our range of spring bars

Metal bracelets

If you have metal strap which connects to the watch like the examples below - it's more than likely that our straps will work with your watch.

This includes watches such as the Rolex Submariner, Tag Heuer Careera, Seiko SKX007 and Rotary "Henley" range.

Rolex replacement NATO strap
NATO strap for metal watches

Watches that won't work

The following types of watches will not work with "NATO" straps, and you will need to purchase a replacement strap specific to that watch.

Timex Ironman

Plastic straps that seem to mould to the watch

Straps that have a ‘inset’ or petrtuding section.

Straps that are glued/screwed in to the watch

Still unsure?

If you are still unsure please leave a comment below, or refer to our supported brands page.

Posted on 30 June 2019 by Brad Farleigh

Comments (10)

Buy direct

Hello was wondering if I can deal with you personally as I'm in Perth also. Save time on delivery and band width concerns.


Watch Straps Australia Response

Hi Brad,
Thanks for contacting me.
Unfortunately I'm not able to meet in person - however if you spend over $50 and put your order in by 1pm it will be delivered via express post (which has guaranteed next day delivery).
Alternatively we have a few stockists around Perth - - but please note their range of colours and sizes is smaller to what's online.

Rhino strap

G'day, I am enquiring if I could you could source a black Rhino zulu strap (with the rhino pic/logo on the strap), size 22mm. I have been told that these straps are no longer in production. I'm hoping that somewhere in the world there is a stock of NOS straps of this type that you might know about. Kind regards, Lyndsay


Watch Straps Australia Response

Hi Lyndsay,
Sorry, I only have the G10/NATO strap style nylon straps (and not Zulu straps).
Sorry and good luck with the search!,

Casio G-Shock GW-B5600

New to this website. Wondering if you guys have a strap for a Casio GShock GWB5600.


Watch Straps Australia Response

Hi Jasdeep,
You can find more information about G Shock's over at this link -

Seiko 5 automatic

Will your nato straps fit a seiko 5 automatic?


Watch Straps Australia Response

Hi Sandeep,
My straps will work with Seiko 5's and will take a 20mm strap.

Seiko Turtle SRP777

Hi there, Just want to confirm the strap size for a Seiko ‘turtle’ SRP777K diver watch. 20mm or 22mm? Thanks! Straps look great! Paul


Watch Straps Australia Response

Hi Paul,
No worries - the guys at Watch and Wound did a write up on the SRP777 and state that is 22mm lug width.

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