Finding your strap size

The size of your required watch strap will be determined on the lug width of your watch.

You can easily determine the lug width by measuring the gap between the two metal points (lugs) on your watch - where the band meets the body and you should be able to do this without removing the existing strap.

What if I don't have my watch or a ruler close by?

If you aren't able to measure your watch, simply google your watch brand and model number followed by "Lug width".

For example Omega speedmaster lug width and Timex weekender lug width

Alternatively - you can use our Watch Strap Sizing guide to find the lug width for your watch.

What if my watch is an odd width, such as 16mm,19mm, 21mm, 23mm or 25mm?

If your watch is an odd width, you should be fine rounding up to the next even number (i.e. if your watch is 19mm, use a 20mm strap), as the straps will flex to fill the 0.5mm difference on each side.

Posted on 30 December 2015 by Brad Farleigh

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Pins for lug

Hello does the strap come with the pins required to fit within the lug?

Hi Liz,
We supply spring bars separately to the watch straps, however you will only need to replace the pins if your current set is broken, or is joined to the 'old' watch strap.

Can you please advise on the brand/model of watch you were looking to install one of our straps on, or take a photo? This will help me assess if you need a new set of spring bars or not :)


G-Shock g300-3 biker

Hi I’ve just ordered and yet to receive my first g-shock watch. I hate the look of the strap and would love to grab a Nato strap or 3 instead. My problem is that I can’t for the life of me work out what size I need or what adapter is required too. I’ve googled and googled and it appears my google skills are weak. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Hi Ben,
You aren't the only one who has had trouble finding the right adaptor for you Casio. In the past I have ended up just contacting Shriro (the casio wholesaler/distributor for Australia).
If you shoot them an email ( they will be able to help you find the part number, will refer you on to an Angus & Coote jeweller who is able to order in the part for you.

Danille wellington petite 28mm

what would be the strap size?

The 28mm Daniel Wellington 'petite' range requires a 12mm strap, however unfortunately we don't have any straps of that size sorry!


Hi there Looking to get a NATO strap for the above Casio - but internet specs are a little confusing - 22mm ok? Cheers

Hi Patrick, The specs are certainly confusing!
The guys over at Watchuseek can 100% confirm the lug width of the Casio MDV106-1A  is 22mm.

Rolex Submariner

Hi how do you fit the strap on to submariner ?

Hi Max - I found this youtube video which runs through the process -

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