Timex Marathon and Timex Ironman replacement straps

Are you looking for a replacement watch strap for your Timex Ironman or Timex Marathon watch? You're not the only one!

Recently we have had an increase in customers asking us if our straps will work with those watches.

It appears that the stock Timex Ironman and Marathon bands just aren't up to scratch and are prone to breaking.

Timex Weekender and Timex Marathon models that do work with our NATO style watch straps

  1. Timex Ironman Indiglo Triathlon model 746 (D8) - this will use a 20mm NATO strap
  2. Timex Ironman Transit - this will use a 20mm NATO strap

Unsupported models

Unfortunately, if your watch is on the list below it means that you can only use the 'official' straps from Timex.

  1. TIMEX Ironman GPS
  2. Timex Marathon T5K802
  3. Timex Marathon TW5K84800
  4. Timex Ironman T62951
  5. Timex Marathon T5K805
  6. Timex Men's TW5K94800
  7. Timex T5K803
  8. Timex TW5K94700
  9. Timex T5K801
  10. Timex Ironman Sleep 50-Lap (T5K335)
  11. Timex T5K829 AR

Is your watch not on this list?

Leave a comment below and I'll see if your watch is compatible with our interchangeable NATO style watch straps.

Posted on 30 March 2019 by Brad Farleigh

Comments (5)

Ironman Triathlon T5K654

Is there a replacement strap for this model, or a compatible one?. The watch is the one in purple color. Thanks a lot


Watch Straps Australia Response

Unfortunately these ones will require a specific strap from Timex, sorry!
I recommend you contact your local Timex retailer (or the place you originally purchased the watch) to see if they can point you in the right direction.

Timex watch band

Do you have a band to fit Model T5K423- replacement band-black


Watch Straps Australia Response

Hello, Unfortunately this watch will not support after-market straps, and you will need to visit your local Casio official agent for a replacement strap.

Marathon by Timex

Hello, I'm looking for a replacement strap for my husbands black Marathon watch by Timex. Not sure of model # and I think it is 19mm.


Watch Straps Australia Response

Hi Catherine,
Unfortunately the Marathon range from Timex differs quite a lot - so it's hard for me to determine if you will be able to replace the strap without the model number, can you please see if there's any numbers or codes on the back side of the watch and shoot me an email - contact@watchstraps.com.au ?
Alternatively, you can follow my NATO strap compatibility guide and see if that helps.

Timex 1440 Strap

Hello - Im looking for a replacement strap for a Timex 1440 watch. I think the strap is a Sport 17mm black nylon strap No 773. DO you have any?


Watch Straps Australia Response

Hi Alex, can you please send through a photo of the front and back of your watch to contact@watchstraps.com.au and I'll see if my straps are suitable? Thanks, Brad

Replacement watch band for timex marathon TW5K9470

Do you stock this item. I have contacted Timex and the advised that this a discontinued product.


Watch Straps Australia Response

Hi Paul, unfortunately I only sell the "NATO" style leather and nylon straps (and not the official TW5K9470 straps from Timex).
I just had a look online and the TW5K9470 straps don't even seem to be on eBay, so I think you're going to find it quite difficult to source a replacement.

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