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The Horse replacement watch straps

Replace your old, worn strap with one of our slip-through straps.


Selecting your strap

Choosing a replacement watch strap is easy - choose which timepeice you have and we will direct you to the range of straps for that model.

The Horse - "The Classic" replacement watch band

Select from our 18mm range 

The Horse - "The Original" & "The Stone" replacement straps

Select from our 20mm range 


Why choose us?

15 Second Installation

Changing between NATO straps takes only 15 seconds

Superior Quality

Our straps are stitched (not glued) to ensure the buckles and seams don't budge or become lose over time

Shipped from Australia

Our stock is shipped from our warehouse in Perth, Western Australia

No Questions returns policy

Not happy with your straps? Click here & send them back for a refund*

See our range of straps 

Matte Brown Leather watch strap

Matte Brown Leather watch strap $45.00

$55.00 SAVE 18%

Questions & Comments (1)

How hard is it to install?

Hello, my Horse watch band is broken, how hard is it to take it off and replace it with one of these? Do I need to buy any tools?

Hi Georgie, To remove the strap from your The Horse watch is quite easy - all you need is a pin or one of our "spring bar tools" to remove the current strap.

You can use the code springbar on checkout for a free tool, and you can see our easy installation guide here.

Once you have removed the current strap, you can interchange between our 'slip through' straps easily without having to use the tool again.

If you have any further questions please feel free to email them through to me.


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