Change over your NATO watch strap with a snap of your fingers

As NATO straps become even more popular and people begin to grow their own personal collections, many of our customers are asking us how to install them. Lucky for them, it’s super easy to do! Thanks to their interchangeability, NATO straps can be switched and swapped as often as you like. We’ve put together a simple guide for you to follow.

What is a NATO strap?

NATO straps are made from durable nylon and are based on the standard watch strap issued by the British Ministry of Defense in 1973. They’re called NATO straps because they have an official NATO Stocking Number (NSN) which is used to identify standard material items of supply for all NATO countries.

Since the strap was used by the military, it needed to be functional and fail-safe. Therefore, the design of the strap is perfect for rugged conditions. Since 1973 the strap has seen only slight modification. Nowadays, the NATO has become one of the most popular straps on the market, seen on $35 Timex watches, through to $7,000 Rolexes. Some of the main selling points of the NATO are:

  • It’s practical - It’s a practical utility strap with an explicit military heritage - need we remind you of its origins in the British Military of Defence?
  • It’s stylish - A trend item that’s taken the watch world by storm, the real beauty of the NATO is in its simplistic and effortless style.
  • It’s versatile - It comes in tonnes of styles, colours and patterns with various hardware details. Check out our full NATO range here.
  • It’s affordable - Where else can you get your hands on a watch strap that’s so practical, stylish, versatile and cool for so little?

The NATO strap difference

So how are they different from “normal” straps? Most “normal” straps come in two parts and are affixed to the watch face with two small pins (spring bars). On the other hand, NATO slip-through straps are a single piece of fabric which threads through the watch face and between the spring bars and then around your wrist (like a belt). This is what makes them extremely easy to swap over.

Why a NATO strap?

As you can see, NATO straps are a great way to give your watch a completely different look and feel. Available from Watch Straps Australia in a fantastic selection of colours, textures, patterns and materials, you’re going to want to wear them all. So why don’t you? Luckily for you, they’re incredibly easy to change over thanks to our simple method for swapping out your NATO strap.

Installation instructions

Install your NATO watch strap in these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Remove your spring bars. If you already have a ‘pull through’ or NATO strap installed, you won’t need a tool to remove your current strap and it should slide right off.

Step 2: Reinstall the bare spring bars. If you already have bare spring bars or are using a “pull through” strap you won’t need to do this.

Step 3: Insert the long part of the NATO behind your spring bars.

Better yet, interchanging between different NATO straps requires no special tools. However, you may need a tool when removing to original strap from your watch, but the process is also very simple. So if you do require a bit of initial help, we have a wide range of watch tools and parts.

For a handful of NATO watch straps in different styles and colours, browse our shop section today. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect strap for every style, mood and occasion.

Posted on 16 May 2018 by Brad Farleigh

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