Here's our guide to finding a quality NATO strap that won't break the bank.

There are many places to buy a NATO strap - and sure they look the same , but the difference is comparing apples and oranges.

Cheap straps from eBay and AliExpress are cheap for a reason. You will find the flimsy, paper-thin and the specifications and descriptions rarely ever match the product you actually receive.

(The folks over at wrote a great article about NATO straps, and mention how cheap and nasty $10 - $15 NATO straps should be avoided.)

On the other hand, spending $180 on an official Omega strap may not be for everyone!

Compare the nylon quality

The 'fabric' on NATO straps are all made from woven nylon - but not all nylon is the same.

Suppliers of cheap straps will cut costs by using thin, loose-weave nylon. This causes them to prematurely wear out and fray, and may cause the colours to fade from sunlight.

Our nylon is 1.2mm thick - which means it's sturdy and durable without running the risk of fraying. But at the same time it's not too thick to look stupid

Make sure you're getting quality buckles

Cheap straps may use low quality materials to cut costs. This may cause the metal to bend and warp over time, and if it’s not stainless steel it will rust if it gets wet.

Choose stitched - not glued

To cut down on production costs, cheap straps are ‘heat sealed’ (which melts and bonds the Nylon), or may be glued. This compromises the durability of the straps, and you will need to be careful to monitor the wear and tear.

Check the strap length

You will find cheap NATO straps will be quite short, and may not fit around even the most moderate of wrists. Our NATO’s are true to their roots and have ample length to fit wrists of all sizes, and easily be worn over wet-suits.

Assess the buckle-holes

Attention to detail - especially with the laser-sealing of the buckle holes is important when selecting a NATO strap. Over time the holes on cheap straps will be freyed and streched, which causes them to become itchy and the buckles may no longer work

Dye density and colour quality

Using cheap dyes will cause your strap to fade over time, and the slightest sign of water could leave them tarnished and stained. Our straps are built to be worn in all kinds of circumstances, and can easily be washed without effecting the dye.


We have worked hard to ensure our NATO straps are amongs the best quality available in Australia

We stand by our straps, so if you aren't happy we offer a no-questions returns policy.

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