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Washing your NATO watch strap

When it comes to keeping your NATO strap clean, you can either hand wash it, or pop it in your washing machine.

Option 1 - Hand washing

  • Fill up a bucket or your sink with some warm soapy water
  • Lightly scrub your strap using a dish washing cloth
  • Air dry - do not iron or put in the dryer as they will shrink/warp if they get too hot!

‚ÄčOption 2 - Machine wash

  • Put the strap in to a pillowcase or delicates washing bag (this is important as it prevents the metal buckles hitting the sides of your machine, and will stop the strap being tangled on your spindle)
  • Machine wash on 'warm'
  • Air dry (no dryer!)

Questions & Comments (2)

Good idea

To the previous comment, in underground mines a watch is required under Australian legislation. My strap gives me a rash occasionally but mostly only if it's been exposed to waterproof explosives. I'll try the washing machine idea.

Hand washing the strap.

No need to fill up a bucket with water. A spritz of dish washing liquid will do fine, unless you are a habitual saloon-brawler, rolling around on the floor. In that case, you need a lot more help than a bucket of water can provide. If you work in a mine, leave your watch at home.

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