Premium Leather watch strap

Put your best hand forward with a premium leather watch strap

Ready to take your watch game to the next level? Watch Straps Australia are excited to announce that the wait is almost over and our new range of leather watch straps will soon be available for sale! Read on to take a small history lesson on the life of the leather watch strap and find out why we believe they make the perfect first-time strap.

Why choose a leather strap?

The humble watch strap is often overlooked, however in our opinion it is the most indispensable component of the watch. Straps can easily be changed to suit moods, styles and outfits and have the ability to completely transform your watch’s look from tactical to tasteful and everything in-between.  

So while they come in a countless variety of colours, materials and styles, straps can be broken down into a few main categories, including leather. The first watch straps were made of leather as it was a natural material that was readily available. These days they’re a stylish, luxurious option for the discerning watch wearer.

The optimal choice for high-end dress watches, since they tend to complement a suit with leather shoes and belt, leather straps are a stylish way to elevate an entire look. Matching the colour of your leather belt and shoes is a timeless style trend that has been pushed by fashion experts. So why would you not take it a step further and match the colour of your watch strap too?

For example, a black leather watch and matching shoes goes together effortlessly, allowing for a significant level of sophistication whilst also making a strong statement. The leather strap speaks for itself and doesn’t require any other accessories to complete the classic look, making it the ideal first watch strap.

When it comes to finding your first watch strap, a leather strap is always a great way to go. In fact, the Gentleman’s Gazette always recommends making a leather strapped watch your first timepiece as it’s easy and requires no expertise to style.

Let Watch Straps Australia lend a helping hand

When it comes to style, it’s all in the minor details. At Watch Straps Australia, we offer a variety of leather straps that can help coordinate your outfit. Featuring thick and creamy Brazilian vegetable tan leather, these slip-through bands are handcrafted by our leather craftsman in South Australia. With quality waxed polyester threading and sturdy stainless steel buckles our premium leather watch straps are available in black, brown and light tan.

We know you don’t want to put your beautiful, expensive watch on a cheap, glued strap. That’s why we make sure the quality of our straps match the quality of your timepiece. Striving for superior quality, all our straps are stitched not glued to ensure the buckles and seams don’t budge or become loose over time and your watch is provided the proper support it needs.

View our extensive range of hand made leather NATO straps to find your perfect fit. For further information on our straps, feel free to contact us today.

Posted on 15 December 2017 by Brad Farleigh

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