What are single pass NATO straps?

Single pass NATO straps do not have the rear 'flap' - therefore they are technically not a 'NATO' straps, but they are made from the same nylon material and may look similar.

What is the benefit of a 'single pass' NATO?

'Single pass' NATO's are becoming popular as they only have one layer of fabric between the watch and the wearers wrist.

Because of this - they allow the watch to sit closer to the wrist.

Do we sell 'single pass' NATO straps?

No - we don't sell single-pass NATO straps, read on to find out why.

As we all know, there are a few ways to wear a NATO strap, two of the most popular methods being the 'double loop' and 'single loop'.

Single Pass NATO strap

You are most likely using the "double loop" method when wearing your NATO strap

The "Double loop" - this is the "standard" way of using a NATO strap and can cause some watches to sit quite high.

Use the "single loop" method if you want your watch to sit closer to your wrist

The "Single Loop"  - Using this method, there is only one layer of nylon between the watch and your wrist - therefore the watch will sit lower.

NATO strap installation

"Single pass" straps - a fad, or here to stay?

If you are looking to reduce how high your watch sits, and think 'single pass' straps are the only answer - think again.

Use the 'single pass' method with your NATO strap and save yourself the hassle of buying a new strap.

So what do you think, are single pass NATO's a fad, or here to stay?

Posted on 01 April 2019 by Brad

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Good idea but the result is sh*t


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