Get your hands on a camp watch strap that certainly doesn't blend in!

Camo, camo and more camo! That’s right - at Watch Straps Australia we have a wide range of camo and military watch straps available to suit all your outdoorsy needs. Military never really goes out of style and in recent years has become one of the biggest trends to take the watch industry by storm. Here’s everything you need to know about our camo and military style straps.

Benefits of our camo & military watch straps

Built to last

Constructed from high-quality, handwoven, ballistic nylon, our camo and military watch straps offer maximum durability and abrasion resistance. This means they’re made of material rugged enough to withstand even the harshest of conditions. So if you consider yourself an outdoorsman, you can have peace of mind knowing your watch strap will be able to keep up with you and your active lifestyle.

Waterproof and washable

Not only are our camouflage and military watch straps made tough, they’re also waterproof and washable so you can get the most wear out of them possible. Our quality waterproof nylon means you can take your watch strap with you on all your exciting outdoor adventures from hiking and mountain bike riding to swimming and deep water diving. Then, if they get a little wet or muddy, simply give them a quick wash. Don’t worry - our quality dyes will make sure your colour doesn’t go anywhere.

Compatible with major brands

Good news - our watch straps work with nearly all watches! So if you’re looking for replacement watch strap, look no further than Watch Straps Australia. Our camo and utility straps suit all major brands including Garmin and Seiko dive watches - so you won’t need to hold your breath any longer looking for the perfect diving partner.

Our camo and military straps also work on some brands of smart and fitness watches, making them ideal for anyone who follows an active lifestyle. These brands include:

  • Ticwatch E (20mm strap only)
  • Garmin
  • LG G
  • Pebble
  • Samsung Gear


We know you follow a fast paced lifestyle and are always on the go. So you need a watch strap that is able to keep up. Fortunately, our camo and military style NATO watch straps are incredibly easy to change over. All you need to do is follow our simple 3 step method and you’re good to go:

Step 1: Remove your spring bars. If you already have a ‘pull through’ or NATO strap installed, you won’t need a tool to remove your current strap and it should slide right off.

Step 2: Reinstall the bare spring bars. If you already have bare spring bars or are using a “pull through” strap you won’t need to do this.

Step 3: Insert the long part of the NATO behind your spring bars.

Types of camo & military watch straps

At Watch Straps Australia, we have a wide range of camo and military watch straps available. Perfect for all occasions - from a weekend spent outdoors to a day in the office, our camo and military watch straps are extremely versatile. Here’s a few of our favourites:

Jungle Green watch strap

Nothing screams camo more than a classic jungle green NATO strap. With its matte black PVD coated buckles this strap is sure to make a bold statement. With all the great features you’ve come to know and love from Watch Straps Australia from our handwoven ballistic nylon to our stitched-in buckles, this camo watch is slick, stylish and strong.

Arctic Blue watch strap

But who said camo had to be green? Check out our arctic blue camo watch strap available in 20mm, 22mm and 24mm and able to fit wrists up to 250mm in circumference. With its matte black PVD coated buckles and quality dyes to ensure colour vitality even after multiple washes, there’s no question this icy blue strap packs a punch.

Black watch strap

Or perhaps you want to stick with simple? If that’s the case, you can’t look past our black watch strap. The quintessential watch strap to suit all occasions, this strap speaks for itself. Made from quality dyes to ensure colour vitality and paired with matte black PVD coated buckles, this premium black watch strap by Watch Straps Australia is a staple strap for any watch lovers’ collection.

Looking for the perfect watch strap? Some of our camo straps are now on sale! From $29.99 to $11.99, you can save up to 60% on your next camo watch strap from Watch Straps Australia. Go see for yourself.

Posted on 01 May 2018 by Brad Farleigh

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