Are you interested in one of our straps but unsure if it will be suitable for your watch?

Good news, our watch straps work with nearly all watches - so if you are looking for a replacement watch strap, look no further than Watch Straps Australia.

  Brand Comments  
  Armani Most models supported
* Apple Watch* Our watch straps will work* with Apple watches, however first you will need to purchase an adaptor (there are plenty of options on eBay and etsy such as this). Also note - as NATO straps cover the back of the watch face it will cover and disable the heart-rate monitor on all smart watches
  Alessi Will only work with our standard NATO straps (our leather straps are too thich to go through the loops in the watch)
  Bell and Ross  
  Casio Most models supported
  Casio G-Shock Adaptors required
  Daniel Wellington  
  Fossil Q Smart Watches* NATO straps will cover the heartbeat sensor
* Garmin* Most Garmins will use our 26mm strap*
  Guess Most models supported
  Hamilton Most models supported - including Hamilton Jazzmaster, Hamilton Field and Hamilton Khaki
  IWC Most models supported
  Kapten & Son  
  Kate Spade Most models supported
* LG G* NATO straps will cover the heartbeat sensor*
  Michael Kors  
  Olivia Burton  
* Pebble* NATO straps will cover the heartbeat sensor*
  Rotary Watches  
  Samsung Gear NATO straps will cover the heartbeat sensor*
  Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Uses a 20mm strap. Note: NATO straps will cover the heartbeat sensor on these watches*
  Skagen Partial support - after-market bands are not usually supported on most models. Check our compatibility guide to see if your watch will work
  Tag Heuer  
  Ted Baker  
  The Horse  
  Thread Etiquette  
  Thomas Sabo  
  Timex Weekender  
  Timex Marlin  
  Timex Waterbury  
  Timex Fairfield  
  Timex Expedition  
  Timex Marathon Click here to read more about the Timex marathon watches.
  Timex Ironman Click here to read more about the Timex Ironman watches.
  Tissot Most models supported
  Ticwatch E Ticwatch E uses a 20mm strap*
  Tudor Includes Tudor Black Bay, Tudor Pelagos and Tudor Submariner

* NATO straps will cover the heartrate sensor

Comments (22)

traser p6504 nautic

Hi Brad, I was wondering if your straps will fit my traser watch.


Watch Straps Australia Response

Hi Gideon, My 22mm straps will work with that one :)

Timex Metal Indiglo

Looking for a band to fit a Timex Indiglo watch. Mine is all metal, with a metal strap. (I think it may be called Classic?) Thanks,


Watch Straps Australia Response

Hello, If your watch is listed here - I can confirm it will work with my straps. To find the size please select the model on the Timex site, then refer to the "Strap and Lug Width" section. Thanks, Brad

Tag Heuer formula 1 grande date

I was wondering if your nato straps fit this watch. I bought one on amazon and it did not have enough room in between the pin and the watch to fit?


Watch Straps Australia Response

Hello, This can sometimes happen if the strap or spring bars are too thick. My NATO's are 1.2mm thick, and my seatbelt ones are 1.4mm thick - can you please check the specifications of the NATO you purchased from Amazon to confirm the thickness?
Alternatively, you could switch to curved spring bars and it'll give you more clearance between the case and spring bar.

Casio Ediface EF-513D

Looking to purchase an 18mm NATO strap for my Casio Ediface EF-513D. Would like to check if that will be OK?


Watch Straps Australia Response

Hi Andrew,
I can confirm that this watch should be fine with a NATO strap.
You will need to measure this part to find what width strap to use

The only potential issue would be that the 'shoulders' of the case seem quite large, so the strap will sit within this area and not take up the 'full' width of where the existing strap sits.

If you have any additional queries shoot me an email to

Tudor black bay (23mm lug width)

Hi there, I am interested in getting the nato strap from your website. However, the measurement of the lug width on on watch (Tudor black bay) is 23mm. Can you advise on the strap size i should be getting? Is 22mm too small or would a 24mm fits? Hope to hear from you soon. Regards, Winston


Watch Straps Australia Response

Hi Winston,
Thanks for contacting me and congratulations - the Tudor Black Bay is a great watch.
I recommend you go with a 24mm lug width.
For more information you can read more about 'odd' lug sizes over on our FAQ.

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