Are you interested in one of our straps but unsure if it will be suitable for your watch?

Good news, our watch straps work with nearly all watches - so if you are looking for a replacement watch strap, look no further than Watch Straps Australia.

Popular brands that work with our watch straps

  • Armani (most models)
  • Brietling
  • Bell and Ross
  • Casio (some models)
  • Casio G-Shock (adaptors required)
  • Citizen
  • Cluse
  • Daniel Wellington
  • IWC
  • Kapten & Son
  • MVMT
  • Nixon
  • Nomos
  • Olivia Burton
  • Omega
  • Seiko
  • Ted Baker
  • The Horse
  • Thread Etiquette
  • Timex
  • Tudor (including the Tudor Black Bay)
  • Fossil
  • Fossil Q Smart Watches*
  • Guess (most models)
  • Kade Space (most models)
  • Tissot (most models)

What about Apple watches?

Our watch straps will work* with Apple watches, however first you will need to purchase an adaptor (there are plenty of options on eBay).

Will NATO straps work on smart watches and fitness watches?

Our straps will work* on the following brands of smart and fittness watches:

  • Ticwatch E* - 20mm strap
  • Garmin*
  • LG G*
  • Pebble*
  • Samsung Gear*

Unfortunately the following brands will not work with any custom watch straps as they use a proprietary fitting

  • Skagen
  • Michael Kors

Still aren't sure?

Shoot Brad an email and be sure to clarify make and model of your watch and he will check for you.

Photo credit: @rose.aitken

* Note - as NATO straps cover the back of the watch face it will cover and disable the heart-rate monitor on all smart watches

Posted on 16 January 2018 by Brad Farleigh

Questions & Comments (13)

Nomos Metro 38 Date Ref.1102

Would this watch suit a NATO strap? If so what would it look nice with and what size?

Nomos make great watches - very nice choice!
You can choose any NATO from our 20mm range.
In regards to colours, it really depends on your personal taste, however I'm a big fan of our
charcoal black and orange NATO strap.

Tudor Black Bay - Nato strap advise

What Nato strap/s and colors would work best with a Tudor black bay heritage chrono. Thanks!

Hi Jayvee,
Now that's a nice watch, congrats! Our 22mm black seatbelt strap would look perfect on that one.

The good thing about NATO straps are that they can be easily interchanged so if you get sick of one strap, you can swap it out to another NATO in seconds without needing to use a tool.

We are currently running a promotion where you can get 3 of our 22mm seatbelt straps for $70 with free shipping - please check that promotion out here.


Longines Hydroconquest

Hi Brad, Will the straps work with a Longines Hydroconquest diver? Cheers Alex

Hi Alex, anything from our 22mm range (including our silky-smooth seatbelt straps) will look great on the Longines Hydroconquest (great watch by the way!).

Nato 26mm for Garmin 601

Hi guys. Do your 26mm NATO straps work on a Garmin 601? Thanks

Hi Jason, It looks like the stock Garmin 601 can be removed and our straps will slip-through behind the device.

I found this photo online where someone has installed a 22mm NATO strap (which is a bit small) but our 26mm straps will fit perfectly.

If you do end up buying from me I would really appreciate it if you could send a photo through so I can send it as an example to others who have Garmin 601's.

Brad watch - 38 mm case size - light brown dial

Hi Brad Will a 20 mm dark blue NATO strap fit this model of watch ?

Hi George,

Our straps will definitely work with the watches. In regards to the specific sizing I would recommend you refer to the website to find your exactly model, and you will find the strap width in the description.


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