Colourful watch straps to make your wrist pop this summer

When the spring and summer seasons come around, it is always ideal to begin changing out your wardrobe to fit the season’s hottest new trends.

But if you are still clinging to that drab, old watch strap, you might be missing out on some of the hottest arm candy for your wrist.

Our straps are easy to install, and suit all watches - here is what you need to know about our spring and summer selections.

Preppy striped watch straps

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Stripes are a huge design when it comes to spring and summer. One of our biggest range of watch straps we stock are the striped designs. We offer many different stripe types as well as different stripe colors. Some of our watch bands include three stripes with one color separated by a brighter or darker color.

Some of the bands have alternating stripes from one color to the next. Still, some of our other watch bands have more than two colors mixed together to create different stripe effects.

Some of our color schemes include yellow and navy, red and black, and a combination of red, white, and blue.

View our full range of striped watch straps here

Bright colours & rose gold buckles

Our watch bands are unique since they not only have fabulous colours, but they have coloured hardware as well. If you are not a fan of the classic gold and silver, our watch bands also come with black coated hardware and rose gold hardware.

These colours are great for the changes in styles and seasons, and there is a hardware choice for anyone. You can match up your jewelry with these different hardware colours to make your watch band as fashionable as you are.

Some of our bands only come in the plain silver and gold hardware, but some come with the new black and rose gold hardware that is so unique.

See our range of rose gold watch bands

Back to basics - single colour watch straps

Some people prefer to have a simple solid colour watch band. We have a variety of colours to choose from that will go with anything you choose to wear this spring and summer season.

From blacks to khakis to bright colours, you have your choice of colours. If you tend to wear more brightly colored clothing, we have the perfect solid watch bands to match your wardrobe. If you tend to wear plainer things, we have the watch bands for those styles as well. Our solid bands are perfect for adding a pop of colour to a solid outfit as well. You can even combine the solid bands with a patterned outfit to combine all the colours.

See our range of solid-colour watch bands

Premium leather watch straps

If you prefer a more classic watch strap look, then our leather straps are the ideal choice for your spring and summer needs. Luckily, we have quite the selection of leather straps that are sure to turn heads no matter where you are.

Black, dark brown, tan, and matte brown are the choices, and they are made from quality leather with our silver hardware. These bands look great with fancier watches, and they go great for those who are required to wear fancier clothing to work.

The leather is a little more expensive than the other watch straps we have to offer, but the quality is out of this world.

See our range of leather watch straps

Are you ready to choose your new look?

Spring is here and the sun is out - it is time to make your wrist pop with our range of colourful straps.

Our slip-through straps are easy to install, and can be changed in seconds. 

See our men’s range See our women’s range

Posted on 25 October 2017 by Brad Farleigh