Men's Watch Straps

Men's Watch Straps

Choose from our range of durable nylon watch straps, or premium leather range.


What is a "NATO" strap?

"NATO" straps were originally manufactured by the military, and are a single piece of strap that attaches to your watch like a belt (unlike 'normal' watch straps which are two separate parts).

Read more about "NATO" straps here

Will these work on my watch?

Nearly all watches will be able to use NATO watch straps, read more here.

What size do I need?

The 'size' of strap depends on how wide the gap in your watch is, click here for a full set of instructions.



Arctic Blue watch strap

On Sale

Arctic Blue watch strap $11.99

$29.99 SAVE 60%

Digital Camo watch strap

On Sale

Digital Camo watch strap $11.99

$29.99 SAVE 60%

Jungle Green watch strap

On Sale

Jungle Green watch strap $11.99

$29.99 SAVE 60%

Premium Spring Bar Set

Premium Spring Bar Set $11.99

$17.50 SAVE 31%

"Fat" Spring Bar Set - 2.5mm thick

"Fat" Spring Bar Set - 2.5mm thick $19.99

$25.00 SAVE 20%

Premium Spring Bar Tool

Premium Spring Bar Tool $19.99

$28.99 SAVE 31%